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02 July 2009 @ 02:38 pm
JJ: Right now, I’m playing a game, and in that game, there’s someone playing a character using me as the model. Within that server, only 0.1% of the population is stronger than my character. It’s an Internet game, so there are a lot people playing it. That makes me feel very touched and happy. From now on I’ll also try my best.

Q: You play the guitar, how's it been recently?
CM: I've been skiving recently -laughs-. I've been obsessed over Korean online games with the other members lately. The game is really popular. I became addicted once I started playing it, and I became oblivious to all other things.

Q: A game you’re addicted to?
JS: A Korean online game, ‘Grando Espada’. It makes me very happy because it can move and train on its own when I leave my computer on when I’m at work
YH: Everyone’s addicted to online games
JJ: Recently, I’m getting tired of playing games online


Q: What do you want to do now?
JS: I want to play games now.

Q: Korean online games?
JS: Exactly. I feel very relaxed when gaming as well.

Q: With the members?
JS: Although the games are interesting, it’s even more exciting when we play together. We do play together if we have the time. Time passes really fast when we do that.


So that leads me to think... there must be a very very strong player in Jaejoong's server who either used a character that looks like Jaejoong, or named his character Jaejoong. And that made Jae touched. Oh my god T_T I was thinking it might be Dragonica too... Article and pictures here! That character does look like Jaejoong right? Hahhahaha.

Anyway... unrelated but I found this in the same interview...

Q: Something you wish a member would stop doing, or a secret you want to reveal?
JS: Changmin looks very serious but in actual fact, he’s not like that

YH: Recently Jaejoong has been using his hand phone to take pictures of the members when they are sleeping or weird expressions of them. I wish he’d stop it. I don’t want pictures taken of me in weird poses

JJ: When Junsu is eating, food will always come out from his mouth. I wish he’d stop it

Apart from Junsu's polite answer, I really liked what Yunho and Jaejoong said. Especially Jaejoong lol. Speaking about a bad habit of another member, but something that's not that serious, it's almost funny. Now these are nice juicy answers. DBSK dares to say these things. When I see SHINee being asked this question, they'd be like "Everyone understands each other, and we like each other a lot, we have no problems with each other." I know you don't wannna hurt each other's feelings but boring, much? I'm suuuure they have a bone to pick with each other. It doesn't have to be something mean, or serious right? SHINee should loosen up a bit~ We love you even though you're not perfect! Junsu dribbles when eating, but he still has the largest fanbase in Korea!
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vanillafrog on July 2nd, 2009 10:57 am (UTC)
I actually used to play Granado Espada, but SIngaporean servers. How am I ever gonna play the Korean version when I don't understand T.T

Omg, I'd go crazy to near my characters go "Ne!" when I tell them go to a spot.

Did you see the fanbase charts that was on soompi a while ago? I'm surprised Taemin has the most numbef of fans amongst SHINee!
randomkeys on July 2nd, 2009 03:45 pm (UTC)
Hahaha! Commun thing with DBSK! XD

ROFL they really say yes/ne?! xDDDD how funny!

I think I've seen yeah. Normal, just because of the 99786678 noonas.
vanillafrog on July 2nd, 2009 03:47 pm (UTC)
They do speak Korean. I remember hearing the audio clips of the characters. "Algaeseumnida!"

And I just realised the typo errors in my previous post omg. lol.