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29 June 2009 @ 01:40 pm
[Fanaccount] Miroticon  
This miroticon concert was so problematic for me. First of all, it took me a long time to find someone who wanted to go with me. And then we were waiting and waiting to see if the Malaysian concert pulls through, because if it does, I don't want to go to Bangkok. And then the date's passed with no confirmation and the ticket sales dates are getting nearer... And then there's the problem about presale tickets and official sale tickets, while plane tickets prices rise with eac passing day. So much stress LOL. But it's all worth it, I guess.

When we arrived at BKK airport, we waited for DBSK to come. I got their flight numbers and flight details and everything. We loitered there for like an hour+. We followed a bunch of workers who seemed suspicious. And I saw one of them hold a sign that said TVXQ Concert, and I was like =O *follows*

We waited for them where we thought they'd pass by, like SHINee did the last time. But they never came :/ There weren't any screams either. Where did they go? ): My only guess is they took the stairs down from the plane, and then got into a van and went straight to who knows where, like the very important people they are. Immigrations are for lesser celebs D: Anyway... yup, so didn't get to see them at the airport.

Waited for Vanjie till like 4pm... Then we rushed to the press con which was due to start at 5pm. I thought they were gonna be on time, because from SM Town press con, they were right on time. We joined the crowd with our bags and stuff. And can u imagine being right in the middle of this:

Under the sweltering heat. Even though it was late afternoon, it was still hot even without SUN. I swear it's all the pollution and CO2 causing heat to be all trapped in the smoke over Bangkok, like a greenhouse. We haven't eaten lunch or drank anything either. And we were stuck in the middle and can't leave.

Fanboy lulz.

There were some performances by a bunch of girls.

The hours dragged on like a snail. We were srsly dying.

Finally at 7pm (2h after they were supposed to arrive) they came. First time seeing them at a press conference, and it was pretty cool. Jaejoong wore a pair of specs and he looked sooooooo hot. He totally blew me away. No wonder they call him Visual Shock. You look at him and you just go O_O, can a person be this beautiful?

I looked at Micky for the first time and I was like ROFLWTFYOURHAIR!!!


Srs Jaejoong. I dunno why he looked so srs. LOL. But still... –dies-

Maybe it’s coz of Changmin.

Leader looked really handsome too. He really gives off the kind leader vibe.

He’s gorgeous even when he closes his eyes.

Om nom nom nom.

They were there for a whole of 19 mins. And I waited 2 hours for them. This is the true life of fangirling, everyone. It’s not always exciting. Before the exciting part comes, you have to suffer A LOT.

We went straight back to the hotel by cab. First thing to do was make food! Yay instant noodles!! I was so tired, I napped a while and woke up at like 11ish. We went downstairs to stalk.

Because we didn’t wait there for like 3 hours, we didn’t get the best front row spot. But I guess it’s a fair tradeoff. These people have been waiting since 7.30pm maybe. My fancam.. people should really stop pushing. It’s not like you can get any nearer, dammit. You can see Yoochun first, then Changmin, Yunho, then Jaejoong’s... arm, then Junsu’s legs. Sigh. Jaejoong was walking retardedly, like swinging his shoulders LOL. Yunho was cute with his hat. Yoochun... what’s with that shirt! And Changmin’s arms are WOW!!

Venue: Impact Arena

We arrived at like 1.30pm and there were already so many people here. And many people were in red, like me! It’s something, to see your fellow fanclub members all in one place.

Yunjae is the hot favourite couple there.

Queuing up to get in, for the standing people.

This is my queue, AR mosh pit!

Me and Ryana. Bought a Yoochun towel because there wasn’t any HeyJJ towels. I really wanted those! Jaejoong always puts it on his head ): Bleh. And I found those hairclips! Jaejoong’s lion ears. I got these at a bargain! Only $3 ish. They are being sold at blogshops for like $10. Wtf right?

So funny!

Even funnier ROFL JAEJOONG!

The boys passed by XD

The queuing to get in was chaotic. There were people cutting queue and stuff. And they kept making us sit, stand, move back, sit, stand. Ugh. We only get to go in at like 5pm even though doors were supposed to be open at 4pm. But omg when we finally get to go in... It was SURREAL!!!!

It was dark, and slightly smoky. There was aircon in there, so it wasn’t so hot. Just stepping in was like... oh my god. The feeling was like “I’m here, I’m really here. This is it!” Sends tingles!!

The Miroticon logo!

It was soon 6pm and the whole place was filled up. I was near the front. About 3 rows of people in front of me so I was pretty near the stage. The mosh pit wasn’t exactly packed full. There was a lot of space around the middle to run around. But people were pushing each other to get as close to the edges as possible. It was pretty uncomfortable. All the bodies pressing upon u on all sides. And people leaning themselves against you, and you yourself can’t stand properly, you’re just leaning on other people too. The concert started slightly late. About 6.10? When the lights went out it was like HUAHSAJHSAKLJASA!! A burst of excitement just explodes in you. IT’S STARTING IT’S STARTING!

From now, I can’t remember the sequence of events so I’m just gonna post randomly lol. The starting songs weren’t live. I think they were old songs like O and Rising Sun. But it was an explosive start. Then the boys wore their black/blue outfits and performed Hey! Don’t bring me down (I think). There were fireworks exploding RIGHT ON TOP OF US! And it shocked me at first, but it really adds to the mood and epicness of the performance. There were also pyrotechnics on stage!! SO PRETTY!!

Yunho was on our AR side, and he got on to that hanging contraption and flew above us to the middle stage. He was pretty low. JUST out of reach if the tallest guy raises his arm to try and touch his feet.

Seeing them perform right in front of me... it was like... a dream? Having seen them on my computer screen for so long, watching them on my computer screen, and finally seeing them just right there in front of me, is amazing. It wasn’t like this on SM Town because they were so far away, like only 1cm high. Barely saw their faces. But I was so close now, I could see their expressions! They’re real, and they look probably even more handsome than on tv and pictures, if that was possible. Junsu smiled down at our pit like a proud father LOL and I totally flew. His smile is so beautiful, so precious and so sincere and innocent.

(Some of the pics are small because I used multishot, and I didn’t realise it’s saved in a tiny resolution)

Wrong Number

Yoochun’s solo. Omg this must be one of my best pictures. You can actually see how close I was to the stage. Yoochun spoke English but I couldn’t understand him coz of his mumbling and people screaming lol. Before his performance, a huge bouquet of flowers was raised onto the stage. He plucked a rose and gave it to a girl in my pit OMFG!!! Jealous T___T Then he turned to the AL pit, and he was like “And for you....-whips out chupa chups from back pocket- CANDY!!” Omg lucky girls!! Got a candy from Yoochun’s butt. His rendition of Love, Bye, Love was amaaaaazing. Because I absolutely melted when he played the piano. He even let us sing the “Bye bye bye bye love, bye bye bye bye love~” while he played the piano. A very nice fan interaction there. Felt like us, the fans, were performing with him. I fell in love with Yoochun during his solo. Yoochun was never really my favourite, in fact my least favourite, but that performance won me over.

Jaejoong’s solo was... UNDESCRIBABLE. It was just a ballad. But listening to his voice LIVE, is just... jaw-dropping. The. Boy. Can. Sing. His voice is so unique. I wanted to wave my lightstick, like how people do during slow songs right... but I was just awe-struck. His voice was simply that amazing. It just numbs you, all you want to do is focus on listening to every note. And when he sang the high part, it just sends Goosebumps exploding down your arms.

Changmin’s solo. I loooooved the song. Upon this Rock. It’s an English song, but I didn’t really get like half of what he sang lol. The thing about Changmin’s voice is it tends to get screechy when he sings high notes, but maybe that’s why he sings the “YEAAAAAAAAAH” in Mirotic so well.

Upon this rock
I build my kingdom
And on this rock
Forever and ever it shall stand

The high notes at the end are also AMAZING. AMAZING. The boy can sing SO HIGH, his vocal range is astounding.

Changmin’s Lullaby. I managed to get pictures of the other boys as they flew. Except for Junsu, because someone’s arm blocked him!!

Yoochun was being dorky, and leant to one side.

The boys sang a ballad version of Balloons, and they sat on the steps. Yunho tripped a little before he went to his step hahhaa. That was cute~ Such a lovely version of Balloons. Loved it.

Love in the Ice. I think its a lot of people’s favourite song. Listening to this song live is also a whole other experience. The vocal work... oh goshhhh.

I think the boys sang Insa when the confetti came fluttering down. Such a lovely touch, they look like angels. And the platform was revolving too.

And then the cutscene showed a dance battle... XIAH JUNSU VS U-KNOW YUNHO. Omg explosive!!! EPIC!

Junsu’s solo is amazing. His dance is omfg. What I didn’t like was the girl he was grinding with. LIKE EW. Too bad Key wasn’t there. But Yoochun, clad in a Barney purple sweater, took his place and it was major YOOSU moment right there. Have a little patience girl My favourite line of Key’s rap. The thai fans actually printed little flags for Key too. Which was sweeeet. I was looking forward to Junsu being pedo bodywaving with Key, but oh wells.

Yunho’s Checkmate is my favourite solo, because the song is just great for dancing. AND the cute dancer which I saw over breakfast was there! Let me tell you the story. I was having breakfast in the morning of the concert, and this hot hot hot hot guy in a wifebeater and berms came to breakfast as well. I didn’t know who he was, I just thought he was so hot. He reminded me a lot of Sousuke in Last Friends. He had that Jaejoong style haircut too. I was like sneaking looks at him and trying to not let him know lol. Then when Yunho’s checkmate came on... and I saw the first dancer and I was like “HEY! THATS HIM!” LOL, so I saw dbsk’s dancer at breakfast!

The title song, Mirotic. This performance was what I had been looking for. Being part of the fanchant again was simply awesome. Neon nareul wonhae (wonhae!) They did not sing the acoustic version but they had a brand new dance break. Yunho went first, then Junsu. HOT HOT HOT!! You’ll never get sick of this song, I swear!

Hug ROCK VERSION!! Omg this song was epic. They made it so nice to mosh to! Jaejoong was using his rock voice. If you’ve watched X-Man, where he sang that rock song that went like “Kachi tolgo~ tolgo~ tolgo” like over and over. That was how it sounded like. His rock voice is LOVE!!!

I think it was after this song, the boys were just running around the stage. And Yunho smacked Changmin's butt. LOL Appa... Why don't you smack Jaejoong's butt ): Not in public eh? There was minimal Yunjae interaction. Yunho went up to Jaejoong and put his arm around him once, and the crowd went ballistic!!

Jaejoong’s fringe must be really annoying him! He flipped it away from his face so often, and every time he did it, the girls screamed their heads off. Jaejoong’s hair warrants a fanclub of its own! So soft, silky and beautiful even when he’s all sweaty. Why is all parts of him perfect?

The HAHAHA song was the best. It was sooooo fun to dance and jump too! And I sang the “Ha! Haha! Haha!” parts along with them! I would say that Yunho was the dorkiest during HAHAHA song. He kept doing dorky moves and faces and making the fans laugh! Omg I love him a lot.

The ending of the concert is when everyone changes into the concert tee (I bought one too! It cost me a whopping $37!). It’s very fun and the boys spread out all over the stage to get closer to the fans. The people who were seating at the front row seating seats were DAMN lucky because the boys actually ran past and touched their hands.

Changmin was closest to my pit that time, and I saw some girls holding out their hands, begging him to touch. But Changmin just waved his arm and was like “NAWWWWW.NOT SURE IF WANT.” Snarky Min as always!!! I love snarky Min lol.

There were bottles on the stage, and I was kinda hoping the boys would like spray water on us. I was sooo hoping to get sprayed by Jaejoong ): But they didn’t! Koreans are all about SAVE ENERGY SAVE EARTH now huh???

Junsu also spoke a bit of English. He was randomly sprouting words like 'Thank you!' and 'See you again!' in his cute accent!!

Anyway, the concert ended on high spirits. Everyone went backstage and we waved them off. Yunho was the last to go in, and he waved at us one last time before he too disappeared backstage. He’s just the greatest leader. The concert was 2.5 hours of amazing and I didn’t regret it at all.

There were fireworks at all the right parts, synchronised perfectly with the music, and it just makes he mood go WAY HIGH!! The lighting is also very nice, as you can see from some of the photos.

I spent like a bomb, like $600 for concert tix, hotel and plane tix but it was just something that I had to do. I had to work freelance to earn that money and I remembered being soooo tired because I was working almost all day and night. Money can be earned back, I suppose. This is an experience of a lifetime. I got to watch my idols sing and dance live, right in front of my eyes. The people who I saw on my computer screen, they’re real! They’re real! There they were, standing there. Something I never imagined I could do like 8 months ago when I first started loving DBSK (late, I know).

After watching the concert, I'm reminded why DBSK is the best group in Asia and I'm also reminded why I love them so much. They're perfect.

Each and every one of them have amazing vocals. They're not your average pretty boys with no talent. Their vocals can match the best singers in the world, and they can dance killer choreography while they're at it. Their godly looks are just the cream on top of their amazing talent.

They can sing AND dance at the same time, and maintain the vocal quality. They are awesome performers, you can tell it from the way they move on stage. Everything from their footwork, to their facial expressions.

They compose and write a lot of their own songs. Yoochun is a wonderful composer, and the other boys have a hand in writing their own songs and lyrics too. They're not only performers, they're composers and songwriters too.

I think that even if they looked that great, but they couldn't sing, they could never be as great as they are today. They're just everything you look for in the perfect performer. There's nothing they can't do.

Anyway thanks for reading this sucky fanaccount. It’s messy, the pictures are bad, and the information is all over the place. Sorry about that!
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kaye_pi on June 29th, 2009 10:40 am (UTC)
miroticon XD
mal omo~~~ you are sooo lucky XD
ahahah~ thanks for sharing your experience XD
vanillafrog on June 29th, 2009 02:07 pm (UTC)
Re: miroticon XD
kaye!! *huuuuugs*
i'm glad i got to watch them perform, at least once! now i want more!
(Anonymous) on June 29th, 2009 10:49 am (UTC)
mal umma its ama here!!
woah im excited while reading this
i wish i could be there too and scream wif u!! LOL
ur lucky umma!!
alphaeuspawns on June 29th, 2009 11:21 am (UTC)
Omg hottest couple, Yunjae! <3
vanillafrog on June 29th, 2009 02:08 pm (UTC)
inoerite. everyone seemed to only love yunjae!
alphaeuspawns on June 29th, 2009 02:11 pm (UTC)
Whats inoerite?
vanillafrog on June 29th, 2009 02:11 pm (UTC)
I-know-right. XD
alphaeuspawns on June 29th, 2009 02:13 pm (UTC)
vanillafrog on June 29th, 2009 02:25 pm (UTC)
Me too! I think those 2 couples are the most famous. I'm okay with Soulfighter too, but only because I enjoy them beating each other up.
(Anonymous) on June 29th, 2009 12:16 pm (UTC)

wow....i'm JEALOUS with the capital J!!
vanillafrog on June 29th, 2009 02:09 pm (UTC)
Jaejoong starts with a capital J!
Don't be jealous. Just go to the next concert with me next time!
intoxicatedbrat on June 29th, 2009 12:19 pm (UTC)
waaaahhh sounds like you had alot of fun! :D

HAHAHA I LOLED AT MICKY'S HAIR TOO! He's always the one with wtf hair. >.<
Jaejoong's srs face: looks like he's shooting daggers at Changmin.

Mal so close to the stage! Must be awesome!! ^^

PS those fan banners are so random and huge.
vanillafrog on June 29th, 2009 02:11 pm (UTC)

I think Jaejoong was srs because Changmin was looking at his hubby Yunho, and Jaejoong no likey.

Queue up very long = closer to the stage!

Yeah those fanbanners.. I remember them as the same ones at SM Town too.

soemali on June 29th, 2009 02:58 pm (UTC)
OMG!! after SM concert, and now this.. am green with envy xD

quote:"Each and every one of them have amazing vocals. They're not your average pretty boys with no talent"
^ YAP!at first, i thought they were just another pretty boyband. but after listening to them, my <3 for them just got bigger

and totally agreed with the suffering a LOT but we'll magically gained the energy when the exciting part comes. lols.(was stalking ft islandxD)
vanillafrog on June 29th, 2009 03:02 pm (UTC)
Yeah the suffering is baddd... Stalking FT island eh? Where? The flyer? XD
soemali on June 29th, 2009 03:14 pm (UTC)
yeapp. waited for them at the airport and their hotel.
and met them at sentosa coincidentally xD
can read my fan account at http://soemalimai.blogspot.com/ <- advertisment for my blog. HAHAHAHAxD
vanillafrog on July 4th, 2009 12:54 pm (UTC)
Oh I read your fanaccount. LOL chasing stars is soooo stressful isnt it? But I disagree, SHINee and DBSK both are groups where everyone is good looking!!
ichigo_sweet on June 29th, 2009 05:38 pm (UTC)
it's not a sucky fan account! i can't even make a decent fan account!
i am sooooooooooooo looking for a decent fancam of yunho's checkmate in bangkok! just coz the hottie dancer guy! LOL!

vanillafrog on June 30th, 2009 02:16 am (UTC)
HAHAHA Yeah the hottie dancer!! They realy shouldn't have hot dancers because they distract us from the actual celebs! XD
keysu on July 1st, 2009 03:22 pm (UTC)
Hiya! (This is Sina from SFI by the way so you don't think I'm some random stalker! XD)
Anyway, oh my freaking gosh I am so jealous! It sounded amazing! You were so close, you lucky thing! Fhsgssu so incredible! I really feel like going to a concert now. I seriously want to go to dream concert!!!
This fan report didn't suck, it made me all giddy with excitement! Waa I'm so happy for you!
vanillafrog on July 4th, 2009 12:56 pm (UTC)
Omigosh I want to go to Dream Concert too! I wonder how we can get tickets!!